In September 2009 in Vermilion County, Illinois, a couple was enjoying their favorite pastime of riding when an employee of a local company, not paying attention, made a left turn in front of them. The collision caused serious injuries to both the husband and wife, turning their lives upside down.

The insurance company quickly settled the wife’s claim but refused to offer more than $100,000 for her husband. Given the unsatisfactory offer and the severity of the injuries, Attorney Vito Manicioto of Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee immediately filed a lawsuit on his behalf.

Once the lawsuit was initiated, Attorney Manicioto scheduled the husband’s deposition and suggested that a claims representative be present to hear every detail of the testimony to fully understand the extent of his injuries. Within a week of the deposition, the insurance company reversed its position and Attorney Manicioto negotiated a settlement for $150,000.