One afternoon in July 2008, a McHenry County, Illinois, man was traveling home from work when the defendant made a left turn directly into his path. The result was a horrific accident, causing the defendant's car to flip over and, from the force of the impact, take his life. Our client was lucky to survive and spent several days in the hospital.

After losing confidence in his first attorney, our client came to Hupy and Abraham just two weeks before the statue of limitations was about to expire on his case. He told us that his claim was initially denied by the insurance company, who stated that he was not keeping a proper lookout for the left-turning vehicle.

Our Gurnee, Illinois, office immediately filed a lawsuit and began litigating the case. Due to the severity of the collision, our client did not have a clear recollection of the accident, and with the defendant having been killed in the accident, there was not a clear picture of what took place that day. Attorney Vito J. Manicioto was able to piece together what happened through witness testimony and several officer's depositions.

After much litigation, the insurance company agreed to pay its $100,000 injury policy limits, but they were not enough to fairly compensate our client. Attorney Manicioto found additional assets in the estate of the deceased defendant and would not settle. After filing documents in the probate action for the defendant and much negotiating, Attorney Manicioto was able to secure an additional $30,000 over the insurance policy limits, for a total settlement of $130,000.