Hupy and Abraham, S.C.'s client was visiting a friend and walking toward the front door when her friend's dog, for reasons unknown, lunged and bit down on the right upper side of her face. She sustained significant facial trauma from the attack. At the hospital, an excellent plastic surgeon was on duty and and her scarring is minimal. 

The dog had no history of attacks or other aggressive behavior, so the Wisconsin Dog Bite Statute (which provides for double damages) did not apply.  The medical bills incurred were approximately $40,000, much of that for emergency care and surgery.  The insurance company started with an offer of $65,000, which was turned down immediately. Hupy and Abraham obtained $90,000 to settle the matter.

Note:  Dog bite case results may vary depending on the severity of each individual case. Proving the dog had previous incidents can be difficult without actual proof including police records. For a case to be successful, the Wisconsin Dog Bite statute requires actual proof of a dog's previous incidents involving severe injuries.