$60,000 For Injured Client Without Filing Suit

During a rainy October afternoon, our client was making a left-hand turn. A careless driver failed to see that our client had stopped, and rear-ended our client. Our client thought he was going to be OK, even though he was experiencing neck and back pain after the accident.

The pain did not improve and our client began to experience headaches. An MRI showed degenerative changes and he was diagnosed with cervical and low back strains. He was given medication and referred for physical therapy. His headaches and back pain were resolved, but after attending physical therapy for seven months, he only experienced slow partial relief for his neck pain. His doctor recommended an injection and after the injection, our client returned to his pre-accident status.

Without filing suit, Attorney Doug Ross was able to demonstrate the significance of our client's injuries and treatment. He settled the claim for $60,000.