$57,966 awarded to a nurse who was in a slip and fall

Our client sustained an injury while working for Home Instead Senior Care on March 10, 2019.  As the name suggests, she was providing in-home care for an elderly woman. She was helping her get up from a portable toilet when the patient lost her balance, causing both client and patient to fall to the ground.  Our client landed on her posterior and left side. She continued working and reported the incident the following morning. She sustained a closed fracture to her vertebra at L1 and only missed one week of work. We were able to negotiate a settlement for 45% industrial disability, even though our client returned to work for the same employer.  

Prior to the work injury, our client worked 40 plus hours per week. Following the work injury, she only works 25-30 hours per week. Additionally, her job assignments have changed.  The office selects a client/patient for her based on their physical needs, whereas previously she was able to help any client/patient assigned. Her restrictions limit the type of work she can do, specifically when it comes to lifting/assisting heavy patients. The treating physician assigned 20% functional impairment. Attorney Jenna Green’s efforts resulted in confirming the client’s weekly rate of $291.29 resulting in a new money settlement of $57,966.71, with open medical and an option of funding a medical set aside.