$150,000 Successful Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Client with Previous Injury

Our client was a superintendent checking generators when he slipped, fell, and injured his shoulder and leg. This unique workers’ compensation case involved both the claimant’s employer and the Second Injury Fund.

In Iowa’s workers’ compensation system, there are two main types of workplace injuries. The first is a “body as a whole” injury – this is an injury to the core of the body like the head, neck, or back. The second is a “scheduled member” injury.  This is an injury to a limb or an eye. The Second Injury Fund provides compensation to injured workers who had an injury in the past and then a workplace injury.

In the past, our client sustained an injury to his foot while in Afghanistan. Therefore, Attorney Jordan Christensen made a claim against the Second Injury Fund, so that he could not be locked out from an industrial disability analysis for his new shoulder and leg injury.

Attorney Christensen settled this workers’ compensation claim for $150,000 via mediation.


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