$2 Million Settlement For Woman Hit By Skid Steer

On a dark December morning in rural Wisconsin, life changed instantly for our client, a home health worker. She was driving to see a patient when she was broadsided by a skid steer from a dairy farm that was attempting to cross the road. The skid steer was invisible to our client until the last moment because it didn’t have lights or reflective tape visible to approaching traffic. At the time of the impact, our client was traveling about 50 miles per hour and the resulting crash was devastating, totaling her car and leaving her with significant injuries.

An ambulance ride to a local hospital was followed by a helicopter ride to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. Surgery was immediately scheduled because our client sustained a ruptured aorta in the crash. Later, our client returned to surgery on her neck and lower leg for various injuries. After a lengthy hospital stay, our client returned home and has made a rapid recovery, hoping to return to work soon.  

Following the crash, our client’s husband made the call to Hupy and Abraham. Firm Partner Chad Kreblin immediately started working on the case. After several weeks of serious negotiations, Attorney Kreblin was able to recover $2 million for our client.