$100,000 for Boy with Permanent Facial Scarring After Dog Bite

Our 3-year-old client was attacked by a dog and received bites to his chin and neck. The child was rushed to the emergency room and received 47 stitches. The parents called Hupy and Abraham after being ignored by the dog owner’s insurance company. The parents were concerned about medical bills and scarring on the child’s face. Our attorney reviewed advice from the scar specialist and obtained cost projections for future scar revision surgery. A demand letter was sent to the insurance company requiring immediate payment of policy limits.

The insurance company ultimately tendered the full $100,000.00 policy limits. This money was put into an investment trust that would grow until it was distributed to the child in parts beginning when he turns 18. The trust allows the parents to access the money for the purpose of using some money for the scar revision surgery if the child decides to do so before the age of 18.