If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, trucking accident, car accident, slip and fall accident, or as a result of a dangerous drug or vicious dog, you already know that you need an advocate on your side. However, it may be overwhelming to pick an attorney for your case.

Because we want to make sure you end up in good hands, we created this video to let you know why you should entrust your case to Hupy and Abraham. We are the only law firm that has represented close to 40,000 injured car accident victims, which means that we know what it takes to win personal injury claims. Our attorneys know how to thoroughly prepare your case for settlement, and we are not afraid of going to trial to get you the compensation you deserve.

To hire a law firm with a proven track record of getting our clients fair compensation following an accident, contact Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800.800.5678 or reach us online at

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