Although most people know that texting while driving is dangerous, some people cannot resist the urge to text while driving, check their text messages, or respond to their emails from their mobile device. Sadly, texting and driving has become an epidemic and a serious threat to public safety, causing hundreds of thousands of crashes every year.

When drivers text from behind the wheel of moving motor vehicles, their eyes are off the road, hands off the wheel, and mind off of driving. When drivers aren’t paying attention to the road, catastrophic crashes that cause serious injuries or even fatalities occur. These injuries and fatalities are needless and could be prevented if people would pull over to text.

In Iowa, drivers can get tickets and fines if they are caught texting and driving. If that wasn’t enough, there is the possibility of killing another motorist due to this distracted driving behavior. If we all paid more attention to the road and not our cell phones, we can stop accidents from happening—saving lives.

At Hupy and Abraham, we feel so strongly about putting an end to texting and driving that we are spending a sizeable amount of money and providing drivers with free “DNT TXT N DRV” bumper stickers to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. If you have been injured by a distracted driver in Iowa, please call for a free consultation at 800.800.5678 or reach us online at

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