In this video, Brian Schimmel—a client of Milwaukee motorcycle accident law firm Hupy and Abraham S.C.—describes his accident and his experience working with the firm.

Mr. Schimmel starts by describing his motorcycle accident. He was riding his bike on the freeway when a ladder fell off of the vehicle in front of him. He was then catapulted from his motorcycle, and the resulting injuries left him in the hospital for an extended amount of time. He had a three day period that he did not recall and it took him a week to realize that he had even been in an accident.

At about this time, he started receiving many calls from insurance companies, ranging from motorcycle to medical insurers. Mr. Schimmel explains that he was not sure what he should be doing or what he should do next. As a result, he called Hupy and Abraham S.C. to get the help he needed.

At first, the insurance companies were only willing to cover damages to Mr. Schimmel’s motorcycle and a very small portion of his medical costs. In remediation, the insurance companies tried to argue that the accident was his fault. After a two day trial, the jury found that the other driver was 100 percent at fault for the accident.

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