In this video, Daniel Plum talks about his experience working with the Milwaukee motorcycle accident law firm Hupy and Abraham

After Mr. Plum’s father was in a motorcycle accident, he decided to seek out representation. In doing so, he spoke to many people who had been in accidents and he even went to a motorcycle dealership, where Hupy and Abraham, S.C was recommended.

Mr. Plum also retells his father’s accident, where he had many major injuries and had to be picked up by Flight For Life. On the way to the hospital, his father nearly died several times just from the extent of his injuries.

He continues to explain that he knew his mother and father would need help in this situation. After contacting Hupy and Abraham, an investigator was quickly sent to meet with Mr. Plum. Within several minutes of this meeting, he knew that the firm was right for his family.

During his Father’s recovery, his mother was receiving many calls and was being sent medical bills. Mr. Plum credits Hupy and Abraham with making the phone calls and bills stop.

This not only allowed his father focus on recovery, it also allowed his parents to continue with their lives after the accident. Mr. Plum said his father could have lost everything if he was not represented by Hupy and Abraham.

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