People often want to know what auto insurance companies are the best and worst. While it is important to have insurance coverage from a reputable company, you might be shocked to find out that it doesn’t really matter which insurance company you are with. Instead, your focus should be on the type and amount of auto insurance coverage you have.

In the event of a car accident in Iowa, the only thing that is going to matter is how much coverage you have and not whether you have the best or worst auto insurance company. If you don’t have the right coverage or enough coverage, it may hurt you financially. This is why it pays to be an informed and educated consumer. Make sure you have enough liability coverage and that you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. The key with auto insurance is to get as much as you can afford so that you will be covered in the event of a car crash.

No matter how good your insurance company is, you will need a seasoned lawyer to help you collect the financial compensation you deserve. Call Hupy and Abraham in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, or Quad Cities to discuss your case in a complimentary consultation at 800.800.5678 or reach us online at

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