Posted on Jul 13, 2018

Two motorcycles in parking lot

Summertime is undoubtedly some of the best riding around. Keep these five quick tips for you and your bike in mind to make sure this season is fun and safe!

Glass of beer in dark setting

Drunk Drivers

The summer season also usually means festival and party season, which unfortunately can mean more inebriated drivers on the road. Being a rider is risky enough with all the distracted drivers on the road, but it’s important to be extra vigilant for drunk drivers during the warm seasons.

Man with mask breaking into a door with prybar


Motorcycle theft is at its height during summer as well. The most commonly stolen motorcycle models are Harley-Davidsons, Hondas and Suzukis. Be sure to always properly store your motorcycle, whether it’s safely tucked into a garage or secured with an alarm system on the street.

Motorcycle going around corner with Tar Snakes

“Tar Snakes”

“Tar snakes” are made from the black tar-based filler used on roadways to temporarily repair cracks in the roadway. The black lines formed by the filler creates winding black lines across the road that can become soft, slick or bumpy depending on the weather, which can significantly upset your suspension and tire grip on the road.

Pro tip: painted lines will also have reduced traction. Be sure you’re not riding too aggressively in areas that have these special roadway features.

Moped with two people riding through water in rain


Rain can be an issue for motorcyclists in any season. However, in summer, rainstorms are fewer and further in between, which actually makes them more risky. When it first begins raining, debris and oil lift from the roadway surface and can form a slick film for around 30 minutes until being washed away. The longer it’s been since it’s rained, the more oil and debris will be on the roadway surface. Always remember to ride especially careful in the beginning of any rainstorm while on two wheels. 

Exhausted motorcycle rider taking a break

Heat Exhaustion

It turns out there can be such a thing as too much fun on a motorcycle! While riding, it’s easy for the symptoms of heat exhaustion to go unnoticed. Direct exposure to the sun combined with the sweat evaporation from the wind can often create overheating situations quicker than we realize. Always be on the lookout for fatigue, headache, clamminess, dizziness, nausea and other signs of heat exhaustion. 

As a rider, it's important to make good choices every time you swing your leg over the seat of your motorcycle. Unfortunately due to road conditions, distracted drivers and various other factors, motorcyclists must always be on the defensive, and stay up to date on safety information and education that helps in that process. You can also help spread the motorcycle awareness message by getting your FREE “Watch for Motorcycles” bumper sticker here!