Posted on Sep 27, 2012

U.S. Attorney Considers Federal Investigation Against MPD; Google’s Self-Driving Cars Legal in California

Death of Man in Milwaukee Police Custody Could Result in Criminal Investigation

U.S. Attorney James Santelle is weighing the options of both a federal criminal investigation and a more sweeping examination into a possible pattern of civil rights abuses by the Milwaukee Police Department after the medical examiner’s revised ruling that the death of Derek Williams in policy custody in July 2011 was a homicide. According to JSOnline, he made the announcement Monday, “stressing that he had not made a decision on whether to launch either probe.”

Hupy and Abraham’s personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are familiar with cases of victims mistreated by the MPD. Our client Curtis Harris was awarded what is believed to be the largest settlement in a police brutality case in State of Wisconsin - $3 million. He too was physically beaten and verbally harassed by officers. Read about Mr. Harris' case here, which was featured on Insider Exclusive.

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“If Santelle authorizes a federal criminal investigation into Williams' death, it would be done by the FBI. … Advocates and civil rights attorneys have said for years such an investigation (against MPD) is needed.”

California Passes Driverless Car Law for Google Cars

On Tuesday, California Governor Edmund Brown signed a bill allowing Google’s self-driving cars to be tested on the roads. Though a human passenger must accompany the driver as a safety measure, the bill “will set up procedures and requirements for determining when the cars are road-ready,” according to CNN.

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