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Michael Hupy Commits $25K to Milwaukee Bar Association


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Posted on Aug 01, 2018

Michael Hupy Commits $25K To Bar Association

Attorney Michael Hupy and Sarah Martis, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Bar Association, pictured above.

Hupy and Abraham, S.C. President Michael Hupy has announced a new commitment with the Milwaukee Bar Association. This pledge, in the form of a $25,000 donation, will help accommodate the organization’s move to a larger location.

The Milwaukee Bar Association’s mission is to provide access to justice for the public. Attorneys and judges formed the MBA in order to build a structure upon which Milwaukee could thrive and prosper. This donation will allow for the work the MBA does to continue for years to come. The new location will bring several resources for Milwaukee’s legal community to utilize, including technologically equipped board rooms, meeting spaces for attorneys to see clients, and an area where continuing legal education classes or other legal proceedings could occur.

Additionally, the MBA is one of the three founders of the Milwaukee Justice Center, of which Attorney Hupy is a principal benefactor. The MJC strives to provide legal aid for persons who do not qualify for government-issued services and cannot afford an attorney.  Attorney Hupy is the largest donor, contributing $150,000. 

For 160 years, the Milwaukee Bar Association has been available for attorneys, judges, and law firms to access whenever needed. Attorney Hupy's $25,000 donation ensures that the MBA will continue to grow and provide even more options for the legal community to use in the future.

Attorney Hupy has made contributions of more than $100,000 to Marquette University Law School, some of which allowed for Eckstein Hall to be completed.

Hupy and Abraham has also been a longtime supporter and champion for other legal related organizations that focus on helping those in need.


Jill Erin Wellskopf
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham

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