Posted on Oct 29, 2009

When a deer dashes onto the roadway there is often nothing you can do to avoid hitting it.  Though most vehicle-deer accidents harm only the animal each year human deaths and injuries do occur.  The rates of accidents with deer are particularly high in Illinois.

Last year Cook County topped the list with 1,008 crashes.  Peoria and Madison were next in line and Lake County made the list at number six with 553 collisions.

Last year in Illinois there were over 24,000 deer-car crashes.  758 injuries were reported and two people died in car-deer collisions.

Cars are not the only vehicles on the road to be affected by deer.  Motorcyclists are particularly exposed and are often injured in collisions with deer.  Recently, avid rider Dave Zien soldiered on after hitting a deer in Wisconsin.  Zien was only slightly injured and he rode on, carrying the deer as his prize, to the ABATE celebration in Wisconsin Rapids.

 In order to limit your risk experts suggest avoiding driving at dawn and dusk.  This is particularly true in the fall and winter seasons as deer travel farther in search of food.  Illinois Department of Natural Resources director Marc Miller has additional tips for drivers and riders.

"Keep a mental log of places you drive where deer are seen regularly and slow down in those areas.  And if you see one deer cross the road, always assume more will follow," said Miller.


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