Posted on Apr 16, 2020

Attorney Michael Hupy and his wife Suzanne participated in a study to help unlock critical data in the COVID-19 mystery.   This week, they visited a physician, Dr. Mark Niedfeldt, to participate in a study spearheaded by Stanford University.  The study targets Major League Baseball (MLB) as a primary means to distribute blood tests to 10,000 players, officials, employees and others linked to its teams. Dr. Niedfelt is the physician for the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Hupys test took less than five minutes to perform.   They visited the office and received a finger pin prick test.  The doctor drew a small amount of blood for the testing medium. The antibody test reveals in two minutes whether one had been infected at any point.

The Hupys did not test positive.  Attorney Hupy contends, “My wife and I never thought we had coronavirus, but we thought if we had the antibodies, we would be able to donate blood to vaccinate other people.  I’m glad we did it because we know we didn’t have it and had a chance to give other people immunity.”

The Hupys are a part of the MLB program set up to accelerate the collection of data desperately needed by public health officials.  The study offers a national pool of volunteers. The league was specifically asked to include those willing to participate, beyond players, so that a full geographic and demographic perspective could be provided.  

The research team will be working on this project for over a month.  “This is a very important study.  We are doing our best to support public health,” Attorney Hupy said.

Attorney Michael Hupy appeared on TMJ4 to further discuss this breakthrough study.

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