Posted on Aug 09, 2019
Attorney Michael Hupy with Take it EZ Sign

The city of Milwaukee has unveiled a brand-new initiative focused on the mounting issue of reckless driving in the area. Titled “Operation Take it E-Z,” the goal of this new strategy has dangerous intersections throughout the city under close watch. Currently a pilot program, “Take it E-Z” will run through October and is being funded by Hupy and Abraham and two other area entities.

Four areas will be targeted first: Cesar Chavez and Greenfield, 27th and Center, 35th and National and 60th and Capitol. These intersections have been identified as locations with a high volume of accidents. They will be monitored heavily with an increased police presence and stricter reprimands for disobeying drivers.

Take it E-Z will be promoted through various methods, including billboards, yard signs and lapel buttons for citizens’ homes. Local leaders strive to have this message spread to drivers citywide, with an end goal of accident reductions.

Hupy and Abraham has been a longtime advocate of safety programs and messaging that bring awareness to the various types of distracted driving. Firm President, Attorney Michael Hupy worked with “MilWALKee Walks,” a pedestrian-focused safety organization urging drivers to yield to pedestrians as the law requires them to do.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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