3 lanes of cars driving on the freeway in traffic when it is snowing

Taking care of your car in the winter in the Midwest is no small task. With slick roads, ice-covered windshields and frigid temperatures, driving can also be very dangerous. At Hupy and Abraham, we have many clients each winter that come to us with injuries from winter driving related incidents. To stay out of dangerous situations this winter, it is best to make sure your car is fully prepped before you drive in the winter weather.

  1. Check that your tires are in good condition and replace them if needed.
  2. Always keep your gas tank near full to ensure you don’t get stuck in the cold.
  3. Clear windshield as much as possible. Check the condition of your windshield wipers and top off your windshield wash fluid.
  4. Keep an emergency kit in your car with jumper cables, flares, a blanket, food and water.
  5. Remain visible to other drivers as possible. Make sure all your lights are working.
  6. Avoid aggressive turns and gradually brake or accelerate in slick conditions.
  7. Turn the wheel where you want to go for a front-wheel skid.
  8. Quickly turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear is sliding, ease off the accelerator and stay off the brakes for a front-wheel skid. Once traction is regained, steer back in the direction you intend to go.
  9. Push the brake pedal down hard and do not let go if you are skidding and the anti-lock brakes (ABS) activate. The activation of ABS will cause the brake pedal to shudder so that you know they’re working, avoid letting go of the brake when you feel this vibration.
  10. Plan ahead and pay attention to weather conditions that may be hazardous to avoid poor driving conditions. Be sure to always have a shovel and ice scraper in your vehicle.


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