Nursing home abuse or neglect can happen for many reasons

In order to recover damages in an Iowa nursing home abuse or negligence case, you are going to need to prove that the nursing home, or an individual staff member, failed to exercise reasonable care toward your loved one. Not every injury that occurs in a nursing home is the result of a failure to exercise reasonable care. Accordingly, you will need to provide specific facts about how the nursing home, or a staff member, breached the duty of care.

Three Ways This Can Happen

Often, nursing home abuse or negligence occurs because…

Of course, some instances of abuse or negligence may occur for other reasons, and you may be able to recover damages any time you can prove that the nursing home or its staff acted negligently or abusively.

Start Your Investigation Today

A strong nursing home abuse case starts with a solid investigation into the facts of what happened. Evidence may be more difficult to get as time goes by; accordingly, it is important to act quickly and to secure any photographs, videos, nursing home logs, witness statements or other evidence that could help you prove your case. For more information about how to do that, please contact us via this website or by phone (800-800-5678) at your earliest convenience.

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