CTE Big Hat Soiree

The law firm of Hupy and Abraham continues its relationship with the Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship (CTE) by sponsoring the “2nd Annual Big Hat Soiree,” which took place May 18, 2023.


This fundraiser event was in celebration of ReDonna Rodgers, who was one of the original founders. Her work and dedication have made a lasting impact on the lives of many aspiring entrepreneurs. Ms. Rodgers was mentored by Attorney Michael Hupy and often expressed her gratitude for his contributions: “You are a true example of the power of individuals to have an impact on another human. You are a leader in so many ways, all who know you are fortunate”.


CTE is an organization that focuses on teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship to young people ages 9-24 through their programing. Their “CEO of Me” mindset encourages young adults to see themselves as a business and take control of their own futures.


Attorney Michael Hupy, who has served as president of the CTE board, has always held an affinity for CTE because of the way they “empower and inspire young people to become all they can be through personal and professional growth.” During the 2012 “Harvest of Hope” celebration, Attorney Hupy received an honorary service award for helping CTE empower thousands of local adolescents throughout the years.


Click to learn more about CTE and the amazing impact it has had on the community.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham