Thanksgiving Basket Charity eventInstead of sending cards to clients, Hupy and Abraham has a tradition of using that money to feed the needy. This Thanksgiving, the firm has spent more than $10,000 to feed hundreds of families who might otherwise go hungry.

On a local level, Attorney Chad Kreblin recently presented a check to fund a Milwaukee Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway. The firm has sponsored this food drive for twenty years, since its inception in 1996. Tiaysha Johnson, the current organizer, explained how Attorney Michael Hupy helped her grandmother start this tradition:

“This all stemmed from my grandmother. Attorney Hupy was sponsoring a radio program that she was running and when she passed, my mother decided to take over. My mother was in the social work field and wanted to give back to the community, so she pitched the idea of giving holiday baskets through the radio program. We started in 1996. My mother passed away in 2009, and I called Hupy and Abraham to ask if I could continue. They told me that as long as I wanted to keep doing it, we would continue to in my mother’s name. This wouldn’t be possible with the backing of Hupy and Abraham.”

Each year, Tiaysha contacts various churches, schools, social workers and other organizations to identify families in need. This year’s food drive reached 18 different organizations, including the Sojourner Family Peace Center, who received 11 baskets of food.

The food baskets consisted of turkeys or hams, stuffing, potatoes, apples and oranges, green beans, cranberries, pineapples and pies to give each of the families a complete Thanksgiving meal.

Attorney Abraham also lent a hand as the food was distributed at a local grocery store by a group of volunteers. Many of the volunteers have participated each year since the beginning.

Hupy and Abraham has partnered with many organizations across Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, such as the Food Bank of Iowa and Second Harvest Foodbank, to help feed people this Thanksgiving.  The firm also made donations to smaller food pantries and other local food drives, similar to the one organized by Tiaysha Johnson.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham