Nothing could have prepared you for this. You expected that you would outlive your children. You never expected that you would be the one to mourn your own child after an accident. The grief is something that nobody else should even try to understand. It is yours alone. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t help available for you, or that you are in any way dishonoring your child’s memory by accepting help during this difficult time.

A Wrongful Death Case May Be One Way to Help

As you consider your options after the tragic loss of your child, it is important to consider whether a wrongful death case is right for you and your family. As you weigh your legal options, it is important to remember that a wrongful death case may:

  • Hold the person(s) who killed your child accountable. You can send a message that what the person did was wrong and that a beautiful life was lost as result of that person’s actions.
  • Provide your family with some resolution. It will not, of course, bring you closure. Nothing can. Your loss is too great. However, this is the best option the law has to resolve the accident which took the life of your beloved child.
  • Provide your family with financial damages. You are not looking to profit from your child’s death. However, your family should not have the added burden of paying your child’s medical expenses, funeral expenses, and other costs that were incurred as a result of the accident.

Taking charge and filing a wrongful death case may also have emotional benefits for you and for other members of your family.

Call an Iowa Wrongful Death Lawyer to Learn More

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