Family at funeral of loved one killed in a wrongful death accident

Your loved one took a prescription medication or used a medical device to ease his pain or improve his medical condition. Unfortunately, instead of helping him it was the medication or medical device that caused his death.

What Can You Do About It?

If death was a known side effect of the medication or medical device and your loved one had the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of the medication and make an informed decision, then there may be no legal action for you to take against the pharmaceutical company. Your loss is no less tragic, but there may not be a legal cause of action.

However, if your loved one was not properly warned about the potentially fatal side effects of the drug or device then you may have a potential case against the pharmaceutical company. Generally, you may have a case if you can prove that the pharmaceutical company was negligent in its:

  • Design of the drug or device.
  • Manufacturing of the drug or device.
  • Marketing of the drug or device.

You may not know exactly why your loved one wasn’t informed of the risk of death until a complete investigation has occurred.

And You May Not Be the Only One Suffering a Loss

Other families may also be grieving after this type of wrongful death incident and may want to take action. Together, you and the other families may work with a wrongful death class action attorney to pursue justice. A class action will allow you to share the expenses of litigation to pursue your own recovery.

To find out more about whether a class action case is right for you, we encourage you to contact us via this website or by phone at any time. We would like to hear more about your loved one and your loss and we would like to discuss your legal options with you so that you can make an informed choice about your family’s future.

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