Your loved one was young and healthy. You had every reason to expect that he would return home at night and that he had many more years ahead of him. You had never gotten around to discussing death. You had not yet planned for funeral or burial costs, and now you have no idea how you are going to come up with the money.

This Is a Stress That You Do Not Need as You Grieve

If someone else’s negligent or intentional actions took the life of your loved one then you should not have to bear the burden of funeral costs. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a traditional burial or cremation may include costs for:

  • Service fees for the funeral director and staff.
  • Pick up of the body.
  • Embalming or other preparation techniques.
  • A casket.
  • Visitation and viewing fees for funeral director, staff, and facility.
  • The funeral or memorial service, including both staff and facility.
  • A hearse and other vehicles.
  • The cemetery lot or crypt.
  • Cremation and urn.
  • A tombstone or grave marker.

Other expenses may also apply. The National Funeral Directors’ Association estimates that the median cost of a funeral is more than $7,000. This does not include the burial plot or cemetery fees, which can run to several thousand dollars more.

Funeral Costs May Not be the Only Expense You Can Recover in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Funerals can be expensive, but they are not the only cost you may incur if your loved one has died in an accident. You may also be struggling with medical bills incurred prior to death and the loss of your loved one’s income and financial contribution to the family, for example.

These kinds of costs may be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit. If you are facing high funeral costs and other expenses after your loved one has died in car accident then please start a live chat with us now to find out more about your rights and your potential recovery of funeral expenses, and other costs, in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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