Nursing Home Negligence personal hygiene of residents maintain clean facilities

In nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, neglect presents itself in situations where facilities and their staff fail to properly care for and protect residents from preventable illnesses, injuries and distress. Of the many forms nursing home neglect can take, poor hygiene and sanitation are the most easily preventable types of neglect. 

All residents have a right to be kept clean and well-groomed at all times. So when nursing home staff fails to maintain clean facilities, and the personal hygiene of residents and staff, they must be held accountable for their negligence. Failure to do so can result in the serious injury or even death of a resident. This is because elderly residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities often suffer from pre-existing medical conditions that can weaken the immune system. Additionally, living close to so many other residents can contribute to the spread of communicable diseases like the cold or flu, which can lead to other health complications.
Be on the lookout for facilities that fail in these areas:

Bathroom and shower facilities must be cleaned and sanitized regularly to limit the spread of bacteria and germs. The same goes for food preparation and serving areas. A quality nursing home should hold itself to the same sanitation standards as any other medical facility.

In addition to a clean and sanitized environment, residents also need assistance with many everyday tasks involving personal hygiene. Staff must be available to assist residents with changing soiled or dirty undergarments and clothes, going to the bathroom or changing dressings and bandages. The impact of poor hygiene is often serious and can even be deadly.

Health risks associated with hygiene negligence include:

It’s important to understand how nursing home negligence can lead to poor hygienic care and contribute to serious complications that can endanger the lives of ageing loved ones. If a facility is failing to meet the standards outlined above or a resident is suffering from complications due to poor hygiene, it is advised that you file a complaint with the nursing home immediately.

It is imperative that nursing homes and related care facilities maintain a high level of cleanliness, while also maintaining the personal hygiene of the individual residents. 

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