A recent headline article in the Journal Sentinel brought back bad memories for Michael Hupy.  It had the names of three young girls who had been shot to death by bullets coming though the walls of their homes.  Attorney Hupy was involved in all three cases. 

Just two weeks ago, Michael Hupy paid for the funeral and burial expenses of 13-year-old Sandra Parks, who was struck by a bullet and killed in her home. In another case, Laylah Peterson, who was just five-years-old, was sitting on her grandfather’s lap, when shots were fired and she was hit and killed. The shooters had the wrong house.  In this case, Attorney Hupy paid a $25,000 reward to the man who solved the crime for the police.  And, in yet another case, shots killed 9-year-old Za’Layia Jenkins, who was killed in her home, the result of  drug dealing on her block.  In this case, Attorney Hupy offered a $50,000 reward.  

Attorney Hupy also has a $25,000 reward pending in the case of Alfredo Bautista, who was shot in the leg while sleeping in his 2nd story bedroom.

Attorney Hupy draws the line when small children are shot by bullets coming through the walls of their homes.  Offering rewards in gun violence cases is one of the ways Attorney Hupy has found to help the community.  The firm Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has helped many organizations that assist the Milwaukee community, by donating time and money to these causes.