Maxine Hupy, daughter of Hupy and Abraham, S.C. President Michael Hupy, appeared as a dancer for rapper Iggy Azalea (known for the recent smash hit “Fancy”) and singer Rita Ora at the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards during the performance of “Black Widow.” 

maxine hupy and iggy azalea
Maxine Hupy (center) performed with Azalea (left) and Ora (right) at the 2014  MTV VMAs.

The live show took place August 24 and had millions of viewers tune in to watch popular musicians perform and accept awards. Maxine and the other dancers were dressed in fishnet ensembles with red accents as Azalea and Ora sang their catchy collaboration.

Maxine, who grew up in the Milwaukee area, has aspired to be a dancer since age 3. She was the youngest performer to play Marie in the Milwaukee Ballet’s Nutcracker when she was 13 and has appeared on the YouTube dance series “Dance Showdown” which is similar to ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Maxine and her partner won the season of "Dance Showdown" that they starred in. In addition to many other accomplishments, Maxine has recently been touring with popular singer CeeLo Green.

To keep up with Maxine’s updates, you can follow her on Twitter @maxinehupy and “Like” her page on Facebook. You can also find her on Instagram and YouTube

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