Being a distracted driver in Illinois and elsewhere is very common. In fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of auto wrecks in the United States. There are approximately 5.25 million car crashes annually, and 25 to 50 percent of those are due to distracted drivers. When you are behind the wheel, it is essential that you don’t let distractions trigger a serious accident on Illinois highways.

You may be wondering how you can minimize the risk of being distracted while operating your vehicle. Our Illinois car crash lawyers have compiled a list of a few things that will help you from being distracted while driving. Some things you can do to stay safe from a wreck due to include:

  • Stay off your handheld device. The use of handheld devices has become a huge issue with driver safety. Reports have shown that texting while driving is actually more dangerous than drinking and driving. If you need to make a call while you are driving, find a safe place to pull over and call. You could also purchase a Bluetooth device, so you will be able to talk and still keep both hands on the wheel. If you have an incoming text, wait until you are off the road to read and reply to it. Your life is not worth any text.
  • Keep from rubbernecking. Most people are curious about what is happening on the side of the road. As tempting as it may be to slow and look, refrain from doing so while driving. Rubbernecking causes sixteen percent of all distracted driver wrecks. When you notice something on the side of the road, stay focused on the task of driving. In fact, this is the time to be more alert, as other drivers may be rubbernecking.
  • Keep passengers under control. You may be a parent with kids, or perhaps a teen with rowdy friends. Passengers in our vehicle can cause big distractions. While driving in Illinois keep your passengers from causing distractions. Before you start your car, discuss with your passengers the importance of allowing you to focus on the road.

You can keep yourself from distractions while driving, but you can’t control what other drivers are doing. It only takes a second or two for tragedy to strike when a distracted driver causes an accident. 

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