Recently, we received the following thank you note that we wanted to share with you:

Dear Hupy and Abraham,

Thank you for your generous gift to the Wisconsin Law Foundation. Your gift is very important to us in our efforts to support valuable law-related programs and services for the residents of Wisconsin. Through gifts like this, we will continue to provide programs to educate the public about the law. In addition, these programs help to promote public service by those working in the law profession.

Specifically, these programs include law-related education, mock trial for high school students, and special education programs that ensure the lawyers of our State have adequate training, support and resources to be most effective in what they do. The "Wisconsin High School Mock Trial" program alone involves nearly 3000 volunteers annually throughout our state including students, teachers, attorneys, judges, justices and program coordinators.

We truly appreciate your support and encourage your continued interest in this valuable effort.


Dean R. Dietrich
Wisconsin Law Foundation

We thank the Wisconsin Law Fourndation for the good work that it does in our community, and we are proud to support its mission.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham