The Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship (CTE) celebrated the 23rd Annual Harvest of Hope Celebration at the Italian Community Center on Thursday, November 20, in Milwaukee. Hupy and Abraham was a sponsor for the event, and was thanked inside the event program. One hundred guests were present at the dinner, including Hupy and Abraham attorneys Todd Korb, Tom Perlberg and Tim Schelwat.

A silent auction began the evening and all proceeds went to funds that provide scholarships for kids to participate in CTE events and programs. James Kirk was Master of Ceremonies for the event. Kirk works as a civil leader in a number of organizations in the Milwaukee area.

CTE empowers young people ages 9-24 to see themselves as the “CEO of Me” and connects them with resources to gain leadership and business skills.  The young members of CTE highlighted what they learned, and the talents they possessed throughout the night. A group of students from Alverno College presented a poem that was based on the premise that “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Attorney Todd Korb, Tom Perlbeg and Tim Schelwat with kids at Harvest of Hope
Attorneys Korb, Perlberg and Schelwat with
CTE Executive Director Redonna Rodgers.

Douglas Kelley, president of CTE, spoke about plans for the future of the event and the organization. Kelley emphasized that CTE strives to level the playing field for children in inner cities to realize their full potential. Kelley continued to speak how entrepreneurs have made this country what is it today, and that attitude, energy and ethics make a big difference for young people. He also gave a brief tribute to Annette Williams, a well-known face in the Milwaukee community that cared about the area youth, who had passed away earlier in the month.  

The keynote speaker was Derrius Quarles -- founder of Million Dollar Scholar -- an organization that teaches students in inner cities how to win scholarships.  He focused on how his own story taught himself on how to “Be the CEO of Me.”  Quarles was surrounded by drugs during his childhood, and rose from the struggles of his youth and is now inspiring thousands of students today.

At the end of the evening, CTE Co-founder/Executive Director Redonna Rodgers spoke how the board is planning to expand their philanthropic network in 2015. She also discussed how CTE is developing a Youth Talk Show for radio on WNOV 860 AM.

Hupy and Abraham has sponsored CTE for many years and Attorney Michael Hupy was President of the Board for over a decade. The firm will continue to show support for the Center of Teaching Entrepreneurship and organizations that help area youth. 

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham