Hupy and Abraham, S.C. was present at the 2014 “Pinktacular Salute to Survivors” Luncheon on October 9 at the Italian Community Center. The event benefited the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse and concluded with a fashion show featuring survivors of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Hupy and Abraham attorneys and staff at Pinktacular Salute to Survivors Luncheon

Attorneys Todd Korb, Timothy Schelwat, Evan Claditis and James Shilobrit attend the 2014 "Pinktacular Salute to Survivors" Event.

During the fashion show, each model walked alongside someone who helped the survivor through their cancer experience. Joyce Garbaciak from WISN 12 was the Mistress of Ceremonies and narrated the models’ stories as they displayed their fashionable outfits.

Over 500 people were at the luncheon. The audience was composed of businesses, organizations and people that donned the pink ribbon signifying support for breast cancer. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. President Michael Hupy and his wife Suzanne Hupy were specially recognized for their personal sponsorship of the luncheon.  In addition, the firm was specifically recognized and thanked for being the event’s “Survivor Luncheon Sponsor.” Attorneys Todd Korb, Timothy Schelwat, Evan Claditis and James Shilobrit attended the event, along with other Hupy and Abraham staff.

The WBCS is an all-volunteer charity organization whose mission is to support early-stage breast and prostate cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. Since 1998, the WBCS has donated over $5.45 million to fund research for breast and prostate cancer.

Hupy and Abraham's support has allowed for WBCS to fulfil its $1 million promise for a Breast Cancer Research Professorship. In addition, seed funds have allowed for researchers to capture $37.6 million in extra-mural support.

Attorney Hupy has been a longtime supporter of the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse. In 2004, the Hupy family donated the home used as the Breast Cancer Showhouse that year. The firm has been involved with WBCS for the past decade, and Attorney Hupy continues to be an advisor for the organization.

Over the past three years, Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has donated over $500,000 to more than 100 worthwhile organizations. 

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