Dear Hupy and Abraham, S.C.,

"Understanding and ending MS can't come fast enough." That's a statement I'm sure you believe in as much as anyone involved with the MS Movement. We know there are still more questions than answers where MS is concerned, but we also know that we're at a pivotal moment in time where significant progress is being made and breakthrough solutions will change the world forever.

Your donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society-Wisconsin Chapter on behalf of Patrick Wirth for the 2014 "Bike MS Ride" will be a part of that. It will help fund research focusing on the priority areas of Progressive MS, Nervous System Repair and Wellness & Lifestyle. It will support programs and services for those diagnosed with MS and those who love and care for them. All of that is especially important in a state such as Wisconsin that has one of the higher prevalence rates of MS in the nation.

Thank you for your gift and your belief in the Society's mission.


Colleen G. Kalt
President & CEO

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham