Driver fatigue can easily cause a fatal traffic accident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has described drowsy driving as “a major problem” and “alarming.” But as the loved one of someone who died in a drowsy driving accident you already know that.

And you already know the grief that comes when a drowsy driver kills someone else.

How Did This Happen?

The danger of drowsy drivers has been compared to the danger of drunk drivers. Fatigue can cause drivers to…

  • Have a slower reaction time.
  • Pay less attention to the road.
  • Have difficulty making good and safe driving decisions.

It is hard to know at the scene of the accident whether a driver was drowsy at the time of the crash. However, the government estimates that approximately 6,000 fatal crashes occur each year because of tired drivers.

There Is a Way to Hold a Drowsy Driver Accountable

In order to recover damages after a fatal crash, you are going to have to prove that the other driver’s negligence caused the collision and your loved one’s death. Drowsiness can be a form of a negligence, but it will take a thorough investigation in order to determine if the other driver was drowsy at the time of the crash, whether the drowsiness caused the crash, and whether the crash caused your loved one’s death.

An experienced wrongful death lawyer can conduct a full investigation and use the legal discovery process to determine if the other driver was drowsy. For example, an attorney may send written interrogatories, conduct a deposition, or request documents to determine if the other driver…

  • Worked long hours right before the crash.
  • Was up late or did not sleep the night before the crash.
  • Was on any medications that could have caused drowsiness.
  • Had any medical conditions or sleep conditions that could cause drowsiness.
  • Was drowsy or negligent in another way.

You have a right to have your questions about your loved one’s death answered and to get the fair recovery that you deserve if another driver’s drowsiness caused your loved one’s death. To learn more about your rights and how to protect them after this type of fatal accident, please call us at any time  to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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