Legal Aid Society

The 101th anniversary luncheon of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee took place on September 14, 2017, at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Event Center. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. was a supporter of this event, with Attorneys Schelwat and Korb attending along with firm employees.

Mike Gonring, the new Executive Director, hosted the event, which had an emphasis on creating opportunities. Remarks were given by Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive, and the Honorable Maxine White, the Chief Judge of Milwaukee County. Sponsors and supporters of Legal Aid were thanked before the Equal Justice medals were awarded to three local professionals who contribute to the mission of providing equal justice for the poor.

The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee works to fulfill its promise of equal access to equal justice, no matter someone’s economic or life situation. The organization also strives to do all things necessary to prevent injustice and helps over 10,000 of Milwaukee County’s neediest residents: abused and neglected children, veterans, the developmentally disabled and mentally ill adults, the elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS, battered women, prisoners, immigrants, the homeless and unemployed -- all of them too poor to afford legal counsel.

Deanna Singh, an entrepreneurial businesswoman and trailblazer, was the event’s principal speaker. She presented the idea of an opportunity multiplier – a concept that considered what would happen if every attendee reflected the opportunities they were given unto the local community. The work the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee allows for those that may not think they deserve it, realize they are able to get help they need.

Hupy and Abraham, S.C. is proud to uphold its mission of doing well by doing good by supporting organizations like the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee. 

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