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E-scooters and Insurance:

In recent months, the electric scooter trend has taken over the Milwaukee area. They can be a fun, quick and even less expensive alternative to other modes of transportation. Although e-scooters have inhabited metropolitan areas across the world, Milwaukee is the newest city to face the safety concerns and injuries that e-scooters can bring.

Safety Concerns

Although e-scooters typically cannot exceed more than 15 mph, injuries to riders and bystanders can still occur. Since late 2017, Consumer Reports found an estimated 1,500 people had reported injury from a dockless e-scooter crash. While there is currently no comprehensive national data on e-scooter injuries, the Centers for Disease Control has announced the launch of an epidemiological study to determine if the rise of e-scooter injuries pose a public health risk.

Regulations and Laws for e-scooter Use (lack thereof)

Laws and regulations pertaining to e-scooter use varies throughout jurisdictions. Because e-scooters are a fairly new form of transportation, the legality of companies placing e-scooters in cities for people to ride is not always clear. In May 2019, Milwaukee had filed suit against an e-scooter company alleging violations of a state law prohibiting the rental of unregistered scooters.  The e-scooter company agreed to cease operating in Milwaukee until local and state laws regulating scooters were finalized. The laws and regulations currently put in place are fairly vague, not allowing much protection for users or bystanders who are injured in an accident.

How Personal Insurances Address Scooter Injuries

Because most e-scooter companies require users to assume all liability when riding, the company’s insurance policy may not cover a user in the event of an accident. If a person sustained injuries while operating an e-scooter, medical costs to treat them are addressed under their health insurance.

In order to ensure proper settlement after an accident, it is important to understand the terms of your insurance policy and visit our 24/7 chat feature at hupy.com or contact us at 800-800-5678 if you are a victim of an electric scooter-related injury.


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