A distracted driver may be responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one

Most of us hear the statistics long before a tragedy occurs, but it is hard to believe that something like texting, checking a GPS, or even talking to a passenger can cause your loved one’s death.

Until it happens to your loved one and you are left wondering what you are going to do now.

Right Now the Only Statistic That Matters Is One

Your loved one’s death is the one that is on your mind, your family is the one grieving, and you are the one who is going to have to make decisions about what to do now.

If your loved one was killed by another driver’s negligence, then you may have the right to recover damages for things such as:

  • The medical expenses your loved one incurred from the time of the accident until the time of death.
  • The physical pain and emotional suffering your loved one endured from the time of the accident until the time of death.
  • Funeral costs.
  • Lost income from the time of the accident until would what have been your loved one’s reasonably anticipated retirement date.
  • Your family’s emotional suffering and loss.

You may also recover for any other damages that you can prove were a direct result of the crash.

You Have the Power to Help Your Family and Others

A fair recovery may prevent your family from suffering financially while you are grieving. Additionally, a distracted driving lawsuit can help hold accountable the driver who killed your loved one, and it may send a message to other drivers that distracted driving is deadly and that people who drive while distracted will be held legally accountable.

The process of recovering damages after any type of fatal accident—including a distracted driving accident—can be overwhelming and difficult. The insurance company does not want to pay you fair damages and may offer you a low settlement quickly with the hope that you will accept it.

However, you do not have to handle the insurance company or your family’s recovery on your own. Instead, you have the right to work with an experienced wrongful death lawyer who will fight hard for your fair and just recovery. To learn more, please start a live chat with us anytime. We would be pleased to discuss your potential case with you directly, free of charge, so that you can find out more about your rights and potential recovery.

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