Dear Hupy and Abraham,

Family traditions make this time of year special.

It could be your family gathering for a Thanksgiving meal followed by cheering on your favorite football team. Or it could be shopping for "doorbuster" sales in the wee hours of the morning. Or it could be enjoying our great outdoors, whether hunting, hiking or putting up holiday decorations with family member by your side.

While you have your traditions, the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center "family" holds fast to its daily traditions:

  • Restoring our patients and families to wholeness, both emotionally and physically while helping them live with the diagnosis of cancer.
  • Uncovering the causes of this disease, tracing the processes by which it spreads and devising ways to cure or prevent it.
  • Reaching out to Wisconsin residents and beyond about the best ways to screen and prevent certain types of cancer.

Today, we look forward to building upon our significant strengths and continuing to revolutionize the future of cancer care and research. We are introducing many innovative and creative concepts, which show great promise for the future, and we are specifically focusing on how we can introduce these ideas not only to our local area but our entire great state and region.

We cannot do this alone, however.

We look to your support, as your gifts are essential to maintaining the highest quality of research and treatment at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. As you consider your end-of-the-year giving, please keep us on the top of your list.

We thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and a firm belief that we are working on your behalf, each and every day.


Howard Bailey, MD
Interim Director
UW Carbone Cancer Center

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham