The State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) has been tasked with, "ensuring that the insurance industry responsibly and adequately meet the insurance needs of Wisconsin citizens."  Though the state agency was created over one hundred years ago, they still work to ensure that insurance customers are protected and benefit from a competitive insurance environment.  To do so, the OCI, among other functions, works to:

  • Review insurance policies that are sold in Wisconsin.
  • Issue licenses to the various parties involved in the selling and marketing of insurance products.
  • Assist insurance consumers with their insurance problems. The OCI encourages consumers to submit complaints if they believe that an insurance company has acted in bad faith or did not provide the coverage they promised.
  • Inform consumers about their rights.The agency maintains a page of frequently asked questions concerning auto insurance in Wisconsin. Examples include: Is auto insurance mandatory in Wisconsin? What does collision coverage provide? Can I require the insurance company to replace my car? What is covered under bodily damage liability coverage?

As a law firm that handles car, truck and motorcycle accidents, we are most interested in the information the OCI has to offer on auto insurance and we hope that the information provided here helps you better understand the role of the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

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