Attorney Michael Hupywith Family of Hit-and-Run Victims

On December 15, 2019, Hupy and Abraham, S.C. President Michael Hupy partnered with Voice of the Fatherless Child’s Monte Mabra to help bring holiday cheer to those in need. Attorney Hupy, Mabra and other volunteers gathered at a Milwaukee Home Depot store to pick out Christmas trees and decorations for several families in need of some extra help this holiday season. Attorney Hupy and the rest of the group loaded a U-Haul truck and delivered the Christmas decorations, along with gifts, to families in the Milwaukee area.

The first stop was to the home of Destiny Foster, a mother whose two daughters were killed in a hit-and-run crash in October 2019. Attorney Hupy and the volunteers surprised Ms. Foster and her family at their apartment, handing out gifts to her son and helping to set up the Christmas tree. The family was very grateful and said that it helped bring some joy to a very painful time. Ms. Foster personally thanked Attorney Hupy and the volunteers, saying, “I really appreciate you guys for taking the time out to come and make our Christmas wonderful.”

Attorney Michael Hupy with mother and children of family of Hit-and-Run

Michael Hupy presented a check to Voice of the Fatherless Child during the visit to help pay for all the Christmas decorations and gifts. Attorney Hupy was happy he was able to work with others to bring some light to a family in a dark time and said, “We brought some joy and cheer to the family and I think we made everyone smile.”

Michael Hupy presenting a check to Voice of the Fatherless Child

For many years, Hupy and Abraham has partnered with Voice of the Fatherless Child to help brighten the holiday season for those in need. The firm is proud to be able to contribute to our local community and would like to wish safe and happy holidays to everyone!

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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