There are many different ways to select the perfect assisted living facility; the following is what to look for:

Use this checklist to mark off key requirements before making a commitment.

  • Shop around for potential facilities: Make a list of locations near you. Contact friends and family to see if anyone has personal experience with a particular nursing home.
  • Checklist on clipboard
    Visit top choices: Take a firsthand look at where the resident could be staying.  The appearance of the facility should look and smell clean. All staff should be attentive, friendly and approachable.
  • Assistance with toileting and bathing: Oftentimes the elderly require such assistance. Establish that residents have a staff member that is ready to assist in bathing or other bathroom tasks if needed.
  • Accommodations relevant to the resident: Depending on the condition of the resident, confirm that the facility can accommodate his or her needs. For example, if a resident has trouble walking, confirm that the facility has proper equipment such as ramps and elevators.
  • High-level staff: Typically, care facilities have resident, family and staff satisfaction surveys. Ask to view the results from the most recent survey to see how the facility fared.
  • Security: Verify that the facility promotes a safe environment. Are precautions set so unauthorized people are unable to access the most vulnerable patients?  Verify that the facility has capabilities to lock valuables, and check to make sure that staff secures the building during evenings.
  • Language: Check to see if the future resident’s primary language is spoken. If not, ask if interpreters are available.

IMPORTANT:  Always check if the facility has committed any violations recently.

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