When something unusual happens while driving, like a flat tire, a fender bender or a mechanical failure, many drivers tend to rush to understand or check what the problem is. This type of first reaction can be very dangerous; your first concern should be your safety.

We recommend the following precautions when your car breaks down:

  • Do not get out of the vehicle to repair or examine the damage on a busy highway or intersection. Switch on your hazard lights and move your vehicle to a safe place.
  • If you can’t drive your vehicle, wait for help or call the police to direct the traffic.
  • Once you have pulled over to the shoulder, place flares and a triangle to signal your stopped vehicle to oncoming traffic.
  • Do not attempt to change a flat tire standing on the traffic side of your car. Move your vehicle to a safer place, even if you damage your tire in doing so.

If you have been hurt in a Wisconsin car accident, contact our office for advice and answers by calling toll free 800-800-5678 or filling out our online form.

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