Police officer handing a pulled over driver a speeding ticket through their car window

Speeding laws in Wisconsin are absolute, and both the quantity and severity of a speeding violation can seriously affect your auto insurance premium and driving record. Knowing how to proceed after receiving a Wisconsin speed limit violation citation could mean the difference between walking away with a fine, or facing a substantial insurance cost increase. 

The following are steps you can take to try and have your Madison speeding ticket revoked: 

  • Plead not guilty and be proactive in scheduling a court date.
  • Make a note of any serious errors on the ticket. An admissible mistake does not include a wrongly spelled name or misidentified vehicle color; look at the location of the incident, the make and model of your vehicle, and the type of statute cited. A mistake in any of these areas can result in the dismissal of your ticket.
  • Note any inconsistencies with the officer’s report. If the police officer who issued your ticket reports several different speeds, or has contradicted himself in his reports of the handling of the incident, bring up these discrepancies in order to provide room for reasonable doubt.
  • Request a dismissal from either the officer who issued your citation or with the judge if he is present.
  • Stay polite, patient, and professional. Never raise your voice or become personally defensive when addressing the judge. Remaining objective and clear-headed will reflect far better on you and your case than any biting or sarcastic remarks toward the judge or the police officer.
  • When in doubt, contact an experienced and dedicated lawyer.