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The police say that I caused my recent car accident. I’m not sure why they say I was at fault, because I am sure that I was following all the rules of the road. Is there any reason for me to contact a Wisconsin car accident attorney?


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Our Milwaukee auto accident attorneys are sorry to hear about your recent crash and understand that sometimes the police reports surrounding Wisconsin car crashes can be confusing. While the police do their best to investigate car crashes, there are times when police reports are inaccurate.

If you believe that you were not at fault for your recent car crash and that another driver’s negligent or deliberate actions caused you to suffer accident injuries then it is important to contact a Milwaukee accident lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can investigate what happened to you and, if appropriate, help you bring a personal injury action against the person responsible for your injuries.

You have nothing to lose by contact a Milwaukee personal injury attorney. The initial consultation won’t cost you anything. However, if you don’t contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer then you may not be able to recover the past, current, and future damages for medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, and pain and suffering to which you are legally entitled.

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