Most parking lots are private property and are designed with two types of lanes: "thoroughfare" lanes that connect directly with a public road or highway, and "feeder" lanes that connect, directly or not, with a thoroughfare lane. Unless otherwise signaled, the following rules apply:

  • A driver in a feeder lane must yield to a driver in a thoroughfare lane;
  • The vehicle maneuvering out of a parking space does not have the right of way and will be at fault if there is a crash with a vehicle riding in a lane;
  • A vehicle striking a legally parked car will be held liable;
  • Drivers who disregard posted signs or maneuver (backing up, U-turn) within lanes are at fault if there is a collision;
  • Opening a car door, whether the car is properly parked or not, makes you liable for any collision caused by the open door.

Parking lots are breeding grounds for fender benders in Wisconsin. The most dangerous crashes in parking lots involve pedestrians, and especially children. Drivers and parents should use every possible precaution to avoid pedestrians and kids being run over.

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