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What steps will my wrongful death attorney take to build a solid case?

Unfortunately, one thing that we must all deal with at some point in our lives is the loss of someone close and dear to us. Death is out of our control and is very difficult to come to terms with. When the death is expected, it is a little easier to cope, but nonetheless extremely difficult.

The difficulty is much worse when the death is sudden. The family and loved ones have not made any preparations or plans. Even worse, the death may have been caused by the negligent act of another human.

When the death is caused by negligence, you will want to file a claim against the person or party that is responsible. Your attorney will need to investigate and research your case. Some of the things that will be investigated and researched by your wrongful death attorney are:

  • Cause of death. One of the main things that will need to be addressed is what caused the death and how it took place. What happened, who was involved, and how the death took place will need to be determined.
  • Evidence. It is important that your attorney gathers and preserves any evidence that will be beneficial to your case. He will need to go back and research or investigate the scene to obtain the necessary evidence.
  • The law and similar cases. Cases that have involved similar instances and causes of death can be used to set the bar for your claim. Your lawyer will also need to research the details of the law related to your case.


Would you like more information regarding wrongful death claims in Milwaukee? Simply fill out the contact form on this page or follow one of the related links. You can also discuss your case by calling 800-800-5678.

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