If the driver of a car or truck was making a left hand turn and you struck the side of the vehicle with your motorcycle, the driver is nearly always responsible.  Wisconsin law requires that a motorist who plans on making a left hand turn yield to oncoming traffic. 

Sometimes the rider can be found partially at fault, even though he or she had the right of way.  This may occur if the motorcyclist was speeding or not attending to their driving.  However, as personal injury attorneys specializing in motorcycle accidents and riders rights we have found that the vast majority of left hand turn accidents are caused by the driver. 

Drivers must pay attention and look twice for motorcycles.  However, in our world of ever increasing distraction while driving too many do not do so, posing a serious risk to motorists and riders alike.  When a driver makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle there is little that the rider can do to avoid being hit or hitting the vehicle. 

Drivers MUST pay more attention to the road and should be held at fault for these often injurious and deadly accidents.

If you need a Milwaukee attorney who is serious about defending your rights as a rider and getting you maximum compensation for your injuries contact Hupy and Abraham today.  As personal injury attorneys and riders ourselves, we know what you are going though and have dedicated our careers to helping injured riders like you..