A recorded statement or one you agreed to in writing is always more difficult to discard than a verbal statement or one that was never signed by you.

It is however quite common for people right after a crash to declare things that prove to be premature, and inaccurate or plainly wrong. If the statement you made could hurt your case, you should consult with Hupy & Abraham to explain the case. As an experienced law firm focused on car accidents, we have countless examples of misstatements that should never have been made, and can be attributed to the emotional circumstances of the accident.

Whether it concerns your injuries, or what caused the accident, we may be able to have actual facts prevail over earlier statements.

One thing is sure: Never make a verbal, written or recorded statement to the other party or to an insurance adjuster before you have emotionally recovered and are certain that the statement will not hurt your case. Remember always that your fault should be proven by the other party, and doesn't have to be accepted by you. Remember also that both physical and mental injuries may appear or aggravate at a later stage, and material damage could be far more than originally estimated. In case of doubt, you should consult with Hupy & Abraham.