A red car with the front caved in after a car accident that the client was awarded $13,000

Our client was rear-ended in McHenry County on a beautiful June morning. The accident was a heavy impact that totaled her vehicle. Although she felt some discomfort, she waited to seek medical care. She felt she was in an accident and it was normal to have some pain. But, when she didn’t feel better three weeks later, she knew she needed to seek treatment.

 The insurance company offered her an insultingly low $200 for her trouble, even though she required physical therapy for her injuries. This is when she decided to hire Hupy and Abraham.

Attorney Vito Manicioto immediately reached out to the adjuster who increased the offer to $750.00. After receiving this ridiculously unrealistic offer, he immediately filed a lawsuit. Attorney Manicioto aggressively litigated the case through written discovery and motion practice. The case went to arbitration and ultimately settled for over $13,000.00